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Chief Minosa

"Minosa became a Chief cuz at the end of the day... I'm finna be a f***in household name" And the Chief most certainly plans to be that. Born and raised in Palm Beach County Florida, Chief Minosa has been dropping bars for over a decade. With his earliest tracks available on YouTube (@Thefreddiemo)  his first EP titled "Thesis" was a collaborative project with The MSB released in 2017. One of his more notable songs entitled "All Nighter" was released 2 years later and has reached over 30K spins.  In 2020 he released the solo EP "Nostalgic" which has been his most successful project to date. You may find him on the radio already but not for what you think, in his spare time he also reports the traffic on the radio for iHeartMedia.
His influences are Lil Wayne, J.Cole, and Childish Gambino. He currently resides in Central Florida and you can find him every Monday on Instagram Live for Minosa Mondays. (via @thefreddiemo & @isovybes) or every month in Tampa for The Isolated
Vybes Live Show.




Other Places to Find Chief

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