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Dez Nicole

Singer. Songwriter. Poet. Rapper. Four words describe artist Dez Nicole but in no way explain how phenomenally talented a woman she actually is. Raised in Tampa, Florida, she is a young woman on the rise who is determined to inspire those who listen to her work through her personal truths and her own story. She has always been surrounded by music but came late to the game of a professional recording industry due to her own self-doubt. Fast forward to 2020 and those inhibitions have been cast aside, resulting in her debut track ‘Do You Remember?’ 
 Celebrating life in all its glory, it is an addictive slice of Soul and R&B which captures her perfectly. 
 Not to be defined by others' expectations, she followed this hit with her own book of poetry called ‘Black Girl Ink’. Telling the struggle of living as a young black, radical woman in the USA, she constantly weaves the narrative of her faith through her work. Always proud, spiritually evocative with a lyrical flow that is as tempting as it is beguiling, Dez Nicole is an inspiration to all young women in the industry today. Currently, in the studio with Markiss Adonis, there is no doubt that she will climb the charts with natural ease complemented by the fluid accessibility that such a multi-dimensional artist deserves.

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From early childhood to her adult life, society has relentlessly taught Dez Nicole Davenport what to believe when it came to race, self-worth, identity, and purpose. With each poem, Dez Nicole pens monumental episodes of her life that contribute to her way of thinking and living as a young, Black, radical Christ-follower female in America. With poetry accompanied by scripture, readers are invited to get to know Dez Nicole, her thought processes, and the journey of her confronting every lie hand-fed to her by American culture.

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