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Born and raised in Tampa Fl,

I left in 2015 for college In Jacksonville Fl where those years I developed a love and passion for music. 

Certain artists sparked my interest but it wasn’t until I found the steadfast love of the craft of rap that I was dealing with the lows of life. Rap was the only thing at the moment that gave me life.

So I stuck with it and kept practicing by myself. Boom bap instrumentals were my gateway into becoming an emcee, it really taught the basic fundamentals and then I found my flows and everything started to come together. My style is what I call just real rap not conscious per se but just truth in its rawest form, I love the rnb vibes with heavy influence from the 90s and 2000s and that is a style of music I enjoy making because of the creativity you can do in that space. But the bars are where I’ll always be first I love writing bars I love how the recording process comes together I love the live performances of rap music. I’m in tune with the frequency of sound. I always thought about what to call myself when I became an artist and I always wanted something that would represent me and my sound; it was simply MUSIK.

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